Botox and laser skin tightening

Business,Health Botox Cosmetic is a medication that is used for treating and reducing the number of wrinkles on the face of a person. Always make sure that you consult an expert in this field if you are planning on going in for this procedure. Dr. Yuriy Yagudin Review is one of the most experienced doctors when it comes to Botox. He is diamond level Allergan provider. That means that he performs several thousand of Botox treatments every year. He is a board certified doctor in internal medicine and cosmetic laser surgery. During the past eight years he has completed more than thirty thousand Botox treatments on various patients. The extent of the effectiveness of Botox treatment is a little different for different people. Depending on the number of units of Botox that are used and also based on how strong your muscles are, the results can vary significantly. The effects of the treatment normally last for a period between 3 to 6 months. Botox works predominantly by preventing the muscles on the face from contracting too much. This makes the wrinkles disappear. Botox jaw reduction is used to reduce a wide jaw and make it look more pleasing by giving it a softer angle. You can consult with Dr. Yuriy Yagudin Review to assess the shape of your jaw line to see if the procedure will be effective for you or not. Dr. Yagudin also performs other skin related procedures such as skin tightening using lasers. The latest procedure known as Titan laser that is used by Dr. Yuriy Yagudin Review is compatible with any skin type and is safe for any age. Written by a professional author who gives the detail of Dermacare Medical Review, Dr. Yuriy Yagudin Review and Dermacare Medical PC.

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